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Bikkur Cholim – Hospital Visitation

I was sick and you visited me.

Bikkur Cholim is Hebrew for “visiting the sick.”  In Judaism it is considered a mitzvah (a moral and spiritual obligation) incumbent on all Jews to perform.  HaShem Himself is said to have visited Abraham during his illness. There is a reference to this visit in B’resheet 18:1, where we are told that HaShem appeared to Abraham soon after his circumcision.  In Mattityahu 25:34, Yeshua equated visiting the sick to visiting Him, as He said, “…Come, you whom My Father has blessed, take your inheritance…I was sick and you took care of me…and visited me.”  A visit from a member of the kehila can provide great comfort and encouragement when we or our loved ones are hospitalized.

Bikkur Cholim Hospital Visitation needs a couple who are Baruch HaShem members to head up this very important outreach to those in the Kehilah who are sick. If you feel led to serve in this way, please complete the form on our Volunteer page. Thank you.


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