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Interfaith Marriage

Interfaith Marriages at Baruch HaShem

Numerous interfaith married couples, especially those with children, have found that Baruch HaShem fills their need for a place to worship G-D together in unity.  The stories below are from two of these couples in our kehilah (congregation) who have found the true source of being Echad (One) in their marriage.

Testimony #1:

We have a unique relationship in our family; my wife is Jewish, and I am a Gentile. As a Gentile, I saw a great calling for my wife and children, as believers in Yeshua, to walk and live as Messianic Jews. This meant that our family would follow the Torah (G-d’s instruction), keep Shabbat, and observe the L-RD’S feasts. In Yochanan 14:15, Yeshua said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” He was referring to the words G-D spoke in the Torah, (Sh’mot 20:6).

 As a Gentile, I am “grafted in,” as the scriptures say in Romans 11. Personally, I see myself as a type of “Rut.” Rut 1:16: “Your people shall be my people, your G-D, my G-D.” Does this mean that all I do is follow my wife and kids? No, as a husband, father, and spiritual leader in the home, I choose to lead my family in a Jewish way. As a result, we don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter, but we celebrate Pesach, Purim, Chanukah, and other biblical feasts.

Being Echad, or one in our marriage, has opened up ministry opportunities. Our family is involved in the home school community, sharing with others the Hebrew roots of our faith. We also want to be a light to the Jewish community; a light of the richness of our Jewish roots in the Body of Messiah. We even had the privilege of leading a small Erev Shabbat Service in the home of a couple who are Holocaust survivors. They were both touched by the love of G-d. This would never be possible if we did not respect and understand the connection between Jews and Gentiles among believers.  It also would not have been possible if our marriage did not reflect Romans 11:11, “to provoke them (the Jews) to jealousy;” a jealousy that would cause others to search the scriptures, that they too, know Yeshua.

Testimony #2:

When my husband and I first met, cultural identity was not an issue in either of our lives.  I was raised in the Jewish religion but began to trust in Yeshua as Messiah when I was in high school, after hearing a Jewish woman’s testimony.  My husband was raised in the Presbyterian denomination but didn’t become a true believer until shortly after he met me.  We entered into the covenant of marriage in a church.  When the pastor encouraged us to have a Jewish wedding, I was opposed to that because I believed that since I accepted Yeshua as Messiah; I was now a Christian.

It wasn’t until we were married for a year that I was stirred to return to my Jewish identity, in cultural and spiritual expressions, while maintaining my faith in Yeshua.   I returned to the conservative synagogue on Shabbat and worshipped with my husband in church on Sunday.  He was pulled into the Jewish lifestyle since much of the cultural changes affected our home life; such as observing the Jewish holidays and maintaining a kosher kitchen.  These practices were foreign to him and caused friction with his friends and family who could not understand the drastic and sudden changes.

It wasn’t until we came to Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue, that we were able to experience spiritual unity.  Here we each were able to maintain our cultural identities, while sharing spiritual intimacy, found in our common faith in Yeshua. Our children are being raised with the knowledge that Yeshua is the promised Messiah, and also with an understanding of what it means to be Jewish believers in Him.  They have also been given opportunities to experience the life cycle events as a way of expressing their intent to identify with the Jewish people.   Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue has provided an environment where we can pray, worship and live together with the G-d of Israel at the center of our family.

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