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Yom HaShoah

HaAretz Member’s Art Show 2018

Solo Art Show 2019


How to Enter an Art Show (a general guideline)

Baruch HaShem Liability Release for Intake of All Art

  • I understand Baruch HaShem may reject any piece of artwork upon delivery if artwork is deemed inappropriate, not in line with the mission or vision of Baruch HaShem, if the work reveals differences unseen through the online processing, or for any reason Baruch HaShem finds a piece unacceptable without explanation.

  • I am the sole artist of work(s) submitted to Baruch HaShem Yom HaShoah Art Show. While I know Baruch HaShem is desiring to protect my work, I understand Baruch HaShem is and will not be responsible for any damages or loss of work. Any liability is my own responsibility, including insurance.

  • I understand my responsibility is to pick up work based on email request scheduled end of Summer/early Fall. Any works not picked up are not the responsibility of Baruch HaShem. If pick up date or time is altered, an email will be sent and the same responsibility will still apply.

  • I understand Baruch HaShem will not be selling any artwork. Should I desire to sell my art, it will be of my own negotiation and time, with the the understanding the artwork will remain in place until the end of the show. If a piece of artwork becomes part of such negotiations, the negotiation will not be finalized during the Baruch HaShem Yom HaShoah Art Show.

  • Artwork will only be released to myself as the artist or designated person listed below. I understand any proceeds, from the sale – I desire to go to Baruch HaShem will be made as a donation.

Entry and submission is processed online through

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