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Children’s Ministries



Why We Serve

Our desire is to see the children of BHS grow closer to Adonai in a Messiah-centered, Messianic Jewish setting. We teach that together, Adonai is Abba (Father), Yeshua (Son) and the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

Although we come from many backgrounds, we are echad (one) in the L-RD. Together, we believe that Yeshua is the Messiah for both Jews and Gentiles. He has redeemed us and reconciled us to Adonai.

We desire for our children to experience a life lived through the Jewishness of the Biblical faith in Yeshua: studying all of the Bible, celebrating the feasts and festivals, becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and so much more.

Finally, we want them to be lights for Yeshua to the Jewish community and witnesses to Adonai’s faithfulness to Israel and all of the nations.


Who We Serve

Our ministries have three areas of focus:

Ages 0 through 5

Through weekly lessons, these children begin learning about the Messiah. The lessons are taught using crafts, coloring, singing, and flannel graphs. The Jewish feasts are incorporated into the lessons.

Ages 6 through 10½

This group will study the entire Bible, learning that all Scripture is important and has something to teach us. Hebrew names and words are used so the children may understand and interact more in our services.

Ages 10½ through 12

The classes offered for this age range enable the child to fully grasp the essence of the Messiah through understanding His Jewish heritage then and now. They also prepare the child to fully understand the Messianic Faith. The courses encompass the material needed for the child desiring to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. All children are welcome and encouraged to take the classes regardless of their desire or intention of making Aliyah to the Torah.


When We Serve


Check-in begins 15 minutes before the first class or 15 minutes before the main service, whichever is earlier


Ages 0 through 5

During Shabbat School Semester:

9:30am Classes begin

1:15pm Classes end (end of service)


When Shabbat School Is Not in Session:

10:30am Classes begin

1:15pm Classes end (end of service)


Ages 6 through 10½

During Shabbat School Semester:

9:30am Shabbat School begins

10:20am Shabbat School ends

10:20am Snack for Shabbat School class in the Atrium

11:00am Check-In for Jr. Shabbat ends

11:45am Jr. Shabbat begins (after Torah chanting)

1:15pm Jr. Shabbat ends (end of service)


When Shabbat School Is Not in Session:

11:45am Jr. Shabbat begins (after Torah chanting)

1:15pm Jr. Shabbat ends (end of service)


Ages 10½ through 12

During Shabbat School Semester Only:

9:30am Jewish Studies begins

10:20am Jewish Studies ends

10:20am Snack for Jewish Studies class in the Atrium



Ages 9 through 12

10:00am Hebrew classes begin

12:00pm Hebrew classes end


How We Serve

Ages 0 through 5 classes are age-appropriate Biblical topics.

Ages 6 through 10½ meet for Jr. Shabbat. Children are called to the stage after the chanting of the Torah. We are prayed over and dismissed for Jr. Shabbat. Please feel free to accompany your child.

During the Shabbat School semester, there are additional classes beginning at 9:30am. These are:

  • Shabbat School Ages 6 through 10½ —an expanded study of the curriculum used in Jr. Shabbat
  • Jewish Studies 10½ through 12 — a cyclic curriculum consisting of four stand alone, semester long classes: Creation, Jewish History 1, Jewish History 2, and Messiah’s Mitzvot, with opportunity for spiritual, intellectual, and leadership growth through intense study, journaling, community service, and exploration; a child may enter into the program at each semester’s start

On Sundays, during the Fall (August-December) and Spring (January-May) semesters, there are Hebrew classes. There are four class levels which must be taken in succession. All children are welcome to attend and are encouraged to begin at age 9. It will help them to fully participate in the synagogue’s life cycle events. These classes are mandatory for a child enrolled in the B’nei Mitzvah Program for the purpose of making Aliyah to the Torah.

Throughout the year, we have special events to celebrate the feasts and festivals. These include a Children’s Seder and a Hanukah party.

Finally, we require that all children are checked-in before attending any class on Shabbat or Sunday. The children must have a nametag and the parent/guardian must have a pager. Jr. Shabbat Check-In closes at 11:00am. When picking up your child, please bring the pager as proof of your relationship to the child. Please understand that these rules are for the safety of our children. We ask you to help us in this endeavor by following these rules.


Debbie Santos is our Children’s Director for newborns through age 5. She supervises our Nursery and Early Childhood education programs. She leads the training for girls, 10 years and older, who desire to serve in these programs. Debbie also manages our Abuse Prevention Training Program.

Gretchen Samsel is our Children’s Director for ages 6 through 12. She oversees Shabbat School classes, Jr. Shabbat, Wednesday Night classes and special events for our elementary and middle school children.

Terri Harper is our Hebrew School Director and B’nei Mitzvah Program Coordinator. As B’nei Mitzvah Program Coordinator, she guides prospective Bar/Bat Mitzvah families through the components of the program to ensure their child can make Aliyah to the Torah.

Rabbi Shawn Moir is the head of our Education Department which includes our Children’s Ministry, B’nei Mitzvah program and Hebrew School.

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