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Hebrew Department Vision Statement

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Beginning Hebrew
(Students who have taken Children’s Alef Bet will need to begin the Adult track with Beginning Hebrew)

This first course in the Adult Hebrew Program is intended for beginning Hebrew students. The course will teach the fundamentals of Biblical Hebrew grammar, how to read phonetically, proper enunciation, script writing, and the vocabulary of Tehillim 119. At the conclusion of the course, the student will be able to read the Biblical text with ease.

Prayers & Blessings
Prerequisite: Beginning Hebrew

This introductory course to Hebrew liturgy prepares the beginning Hebrew student to fully participate in the Baruch HaShem Shabbat service with literacy and comprehension. This course provides a brief overview of the history, origin, and significance of the prayers and blessings that are prayed in the Baruch HaShem Messianic Jewish worship service.

Torah Scroll - Leviticus 1

Biblical Hebrew 1A
Prerequisite: Prayers & Blessings

This course provides instruction in the first 10 of the 30 lessons that will be taught in Biblical Hebrew. It is designed to provide a simple, straightforward method that will enable students to learn basic grammar rules and vocabulary.  The student will continue to develop their oral reading skills through reading the weekly Torah portion.

Biblical Hebrew 1B
Prerequisite: Biblical Hebrew 1A

This course is a continuation of Biblical Hebrew 1A and builds on the foundation provided in that course. Students can expect to broaden their knowledge of grammatical rules/application, vocabulary, and fluency in reading.  Additionally, students will begin to develop proper translation skills.

Biblical Hebrew 1C
Prerequisite: Biblical Hebrew 1B

This course is the last of the Biblical Hebrew grammar courses offered.  Students will learn additional verb forms, build a vocabulary of words found in the Tanach, and continue the development of proper translation skills.

Modern Hebrew/Jewish Culture
Prerequisite: Prayers & Blessings

These interactive courses are designed to help students learn to engage in simple conversations by building their vocabulary, learning grammar, and practicing dialogues in Modern Hebrew. By the completion of this series of courses, students will have acquired approximately 500+ Hebrew words and expressions, and will be able to easily communicate in Hebrew on a day-to-day level. These classes will also explore Jewish culture within the framework of the Hebrew language.

The Modern Hebrew courses offered this semester are:

Modern Hebrew – Alef
Prerequisite: Prayers and Blessings
Alef is the first of the Modern Hebrew courses offered.

Modern Hebrew – Bet
Prerequisite: Modern Hebrew Aleph
Bet is the second of the Modern Hebrew courses offered.

Modern Hebrew – Zayin
Prerequisite: Modern Hebrew Vav
Zayin is the seventh of the Modern Hebrew courses offered.


NOTE: In order to avoid confusion and facilitate the student’s learning, the Hebrew Department does not permit students to simultaneously enroll in Modern and Biblical Hebrew.


Torah Scroll - Leviticus 1 B


Shalom Uvrachah*
Prerequisite: Age: 9+ (No exceptions are made to the age requirement)

Students will learn the Alef Bet, utilizing decoding skills from key cultural words and concepts.  They will also learn to write in script, and read key prayers and blessings; including the Shema, V’ahavta, and Aleinu.  The course will also enable the student to build a dictionary of 80 cultural words.

T’filah 1*
Prerequisite: Alef Bet (Applicable for students enrolling Fall 2014)

Utilizing skills learned in Alef Bet, the student will continue building their Hebrew vocabulary.  During this course they will become fluent in reading and writing as they study some of the Shabbat and Holy Day blessings.

Shalom Ivrit 2*(This is the last semester this course will be offered)
Prerequisite: Shalom Ivrit 1(Applicable for students enrolling Fall 2014)

Students will acquire 151 new words and develop their language and comprehension skills. They will learn to understand increasingly difficult and complex stories, as well as develop an ability to conduct simple conversations in Hebrew.

Children’s B’nei Mitzvah Cantillation Tutorial

In preparation for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator will assign the student a tutor to learn their Torah portion.  Please click here to request more information.


* NOTE: Required courses for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students.

Hebrew Registration for Fall 2014 is now closed.

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