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Feature Resource : The book “Why Me” by Jacob Damkani

Available at this Link:


Are you fed up with religion?

Does G-d seem to be far away?

Is there life after death?

Can you personally know the one true G-d?

Do Jews and Christians need one another?

Why is Israel the center of world attention?

Does G-d have a plan for your life?

The life story of Jacob Damkani, born into a religious Jewish family in Israel, will answer these questions and more. His story will awaken you to the reality of your true personal war and give you the victory over sorrow, fear, depression, anguish, lust, criminal tendencies, shame, selfishness and past failures. Dear Friend, you are not alone in your hidden struggles.  Jacob’s remarkable life story will break down your inner walls and open your heart as wide as the universe.

You will find in this book the light of the world, which will cast away darkness. You will discover your true freedom and experience an unshakable love, joy and peace that will never betray you.  No matter how rich or poor you are, how religious or secular, this book will enable you to discover the true everlasting treasure – the beauty of a living relationship with G-d who is love and not religion.

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