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Young Adults

Who We Are:

BHS Young Adults is dedicated to supporting the vision of Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue through an expression that is unique and helpful to young adults, while encouraging them to serve the L-rd in the larger kehilah. Our goal is to provide an avenue for young messianic adults to be a light for the L-rd, foster a contextually Messianic Jewish atmosphere, and be an example of a reconciled Messianic Community.

What We Do:

We meet several times each month for prayer or fellowship and hold several special events throughout the year.

Prayer, Study and Worship

  • Bible Studies:

This is a time for us to gather and study the Bible (and often other reading material as well). Our hope is to have in-depth discussion and foster an environment to learn and develop an active and powerful relationship with the L-rd. We host several 4-week studies each year. To find out more information, see the BHS calendar!

  • Nights of Worship and Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer and so we host nights where we can gather together in unity, prayer and worship of G-d together. To find out more information, see the BHS calendar!

  • Small Groups

We want you to connect with fellow believers! Small groups range by location; but the purpose is the same, to study the Bible, discuss relevant issues in our lives, and enjoy the company of other believers!  If you are interested in joining a small group, please register below:

*Currently we only have one small group that meets in either Frisco or McKinney.  We are praying for more growth and hopefully we will have more options soon. 


  • In order to foster a community atmosphere, it is vital to fellowship with one another. We are intent on providing an opportunity for the young adults to grow closer together and support one another. When gather together it enables us to share in the ups and downs in our fellow believers’ lives. We have several events throughout the year; to find out more information, see the BHS calendar!

Community Outreach

  • We feel the goal of community outreach is to be a witness to others (Jew and Gentile) through our actions, our service, and our devotion to G-d. We do two group projects throughout the year in the DFW metroplex. We also have smaller, individual projects that we announce often so that we as group stay aware of the need in our own kehilah and our community. If you would like to participate in one of our service projects or would like to suggest an idea please contact us below and/or see the BHS calendar.


  • Each year, several young adults go to messianic conferences across America. The purpose of these conferences is to meet new people and be encouraged in our faith. Some of these gatherings include YMJA regional conferences, Messiah Conference, etc. We will inform you of how and when to sign up for these events as the date approaches.

If you would like to know more about the Young Adults or if you would like us to pray for you please contact us:

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