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Shabbat Services 10:40am

6304 Belt Line Rd, Dallas TX 75254

Wednesday Evening / Israel Prayer

Wednesday Evening Prayer is for BHS members, regular attendees, and their invited guests.

Join us each Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in the Prayer Room for a time of praying together as a kehilah.   We pray for personal needs, as well as the needs of our congregation and for the Nation of Israel.

We pray

  • that Adonai would position and empower each member of the Body of Messiah in such a way that He will be glorified and that we at BHS will accomplish all that He wants to do through us. (1 Cor. 12).
  • for Adonai to open the eyes of those that don’t know Yeshua.
  • for Adonai to meet the personal needs of our congregation, such as the restoration of relationships, healing, or provision.

The format generally consists of worship and intercession, interspersed throughout our time of prayer together.  There is freedom to share words of encouragement, Scripture verses and to pray as Adonai leads.

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