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Feasts & Festivals (Moadim)

Rosh Hashanah

The Feasts and Festivals are an exciting time at Baruch HaShem. The links below provide general information, various articles and past messages regarding the Feasts.

(All Scripture is taken from David Stern’s Complete Jewish Bible, unless otherwise noted. Portions of the supplemental information are taken from Rose Publishing’s Feasts and Holidays of the Bible.)

Rosh HaShanah


Yom Kippur


Simchat Torah



Pesach – for Info About Our 2021 Seder Click Here

Chag HaMatzot



The Fall Feasts by Robert Heidler

Rosh HaShanah by Betty Cochran

The Days of Awe by Betty Cochran

Two Passover Questions by Rabbi Marty Waldman

Pesach by Hanokh Ben Qeshet

Shavuot, The Feast of Weeks by Betty Cochran

Rosh Hashanah Messages

Rosh HaShanah 5774  Ari Waldman

09-05-2013 Audio

Erev Rosh HaShanah 5774  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-04-2013 Audio

Rosh HaShanah 5773  Rabbi Marty Waldman and Ari Waldman

09-17-2012 Audio

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5772  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-28-2011 Audio

The King Is in the Field  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-04-2010 Audio Video

Shofars in the Bush Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-19-2009 Audio Video

Erev Rosh Hashanah Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-18-2009 Audio

Rosh Hashanah – When Death Gives Way to Life  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-30-2008 Audio

Rosh Hashanah  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-13-2007 Audio

Erev Rosh Hashanah  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-12-2007 Audio

Rosh Hashanah 5767  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-23-2006 Audio

Yom Kippur Messages

Yom Kippur – ‘From Judgment to Mercy’  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-14-2013 Audio Video Español

Kol Nidre  Rabbi Marty Waldman and Ari Waldman

09-13-2013 Audio

Yom Kippur  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-26-2012 Audio

Erev Yom Kippur  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-25-2012 Audio

Ne’ilah  Rabbi Marty Waldman

10-08-2011 Audio

Yom Kippur – Atonement Made for You   Rabbi Marty Waldman

10-08-2011 Audio Video Español

Kol Nidre   Rabbi Marty Waldman

10-07-2011 Audio

Humbling Ourselves on Yom Kippur Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-18-2010 Audio Video

Yom Kippur Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-28-2009 Audio

Kol Nidre Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-27-2009 Audio Video


Yom Kippur – Forgive Our Debts as We Forgive Dr. Jeffrey Seif

10-09-2008 Audio

Yom Kippur: A Day of Forgiveness Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-22-2007 Audio

Erev Yom Kippur 5768 Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-21-2007 Audio

Kol Nidre 5767 Rabbi Marty Waldman

10-01-2006 Audio

T’Shuvah Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-30-2006 Audio

Sukkot Messages

Our Season of Joy Sukkot 5774  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-21-2013 Audio Video Español

Sukkot Is Near  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-29-2012 Audio Video Español

Z’man Simchatenu: Sukkot, the Season of Our Joy  Rabbi Marty Waldman

10-15-2011 Audio Video Español

Sukkot: Our Season of Joy!  Rabbi Marty Waldman

09-25-2010 Audio Video

The Sukkot Story Rabbi Marty Waldman

10-03-2009 Audio Video

The Season of Our Joy  Rabbi Marty Waldman

10-18-2008 Audio Video

The Manifestation of the Shekinah and the Triumph of G-d in Human History  Dr. Jeffrey Seif

09-29-2007 Audio

Sukkot 5767  Rabbi Marty Waldman

10-07-2006 Audio

Pesach (Passover) Messages

The Secret Nature of Pesach and Yom Kippur Dt. 16-18, Malachi 3:13-24(4:6)  Rabbi Marty Waldman

04-12-2014 Audio Video Español

Those Who Fear ADONAI Malachi 3:13-18  Rabbi Marty Waldman

03-23-2013 Audio Video Español

From Matzah to Manna  Rabbi Marty Waldman

04-14-2012 Audio Video Español

To Those Who Fear ADONAI  Rabbi Marty Waldman

03-31-2012 Audio Video Español

Darkest Before Dawn Luke 24:11-43  Rabbi Marty Waldman

4-23-2011 Audio Video

Moshe Our Deliverer Exodus 3 and other passages  Rabbi Marty Waldman

03-27-2010 Audio Video

Take Up the Armor Ephesians 6:13  Rabbi Marty Waldman

04-04-2009 Audio Video

I, ADONAI, Do Not Change Malachi 3:6  Rabbi Marty Waldman

04-19-2008 Audio

Ready to be Revealed Rabbi Marty Waldman

04-07-2007 Audio

I Will Come Again Rabbi Marty Waldman

03-31-2007 Audio

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