Baruch HaShem

A Messianic Synagogue

Shabbat Services 10:40am

6304 Belt Line Rd, Dallas TX 75254

Covered in Prayer

Covered in Prayer meets on Wednesday nights from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Our main function is to knit or crochet coverings (shawls, lap blankets, hats, baby blankets) for those who are going through a difficult time. Prior to delivering the covering, each item is prayed over, and the specific needs of that individual are brought before Adonai. It is our hope that, with this covering, the person receiving it will feel loved during a difficult time.  We also desire that each recipient experiences the love we put into each covering every time they see or feel the covering.  Covered in Prayer is not a knitting/crocheting class, and prior knowledge of knitting or crocheting is not necessary; several ladies are available to teach the basic steps. Please come join us soon.

For further information please contact Leslie Johnson. (See directory)

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