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Olive Tree Home School Resources

Olive Tree Home School Resources is the home school book fair provider for Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue.  Due to an increased demand for resources on the Hebraic roots of Messianic faith, we have made our materials available to the home school community through book fairs since 2005.

Olive Tree Home School Resources has become a recognized representative of the Messianic community in providing teaching and information about the Hebraic roots of our faith.  One of our goals is to help home school families enrich their biblical studies by providing educational resources for all age levels.

We offer unique books and materials not commonly found in the home school community.  These items can be valuable resources to parents when educating their children in Bible curriculum and history.  Much of our inventory helps to explain the culture and times in which our Messiah and the first believers walked and lived.  We also provide a Hebrew program for those who are interested in learning the language.  Special knick-knacks from Israel are available for purchase including music and gifts.  We sell vocal and instrumental Messianic praise and worship CDs.  Many of these items are valuable assets when home schooling.

Olive Tree Home School Resources is committed to teaching G-d’s Word to our children, as instructed in D’varim 11:19.  We provide our resources primarily through the  home school book fairs, but some are also available for purchase at the Baruch HaShem Judaica Shop in Dallas, TX.  For more information on the Judaica shop, location and hours, please click here.

Visit our booth at the upcoming Texas Home School Coalition conventions:

May 7 – 9, 2015,  in Arlington, TX

July 23 – 25, 2015,  in The Woodlands, TX

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These are just a few of our favorite resources that will enrich your understanding about Jewish roots and the Bible. Come visit Olive Tree Home School Resources at the Home School Book Fairs to view all our items and resources.


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