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Adult Shabbat School

Adult Shabbat School (for Children & Youth Shabbat Schools click here)

Adult Shabbat School classes are held in the Spring and Fall semesters, depending on availability. Shabbat School classes are from 9:30 AM to 10:20 AM each Saturday. The adult Shabbat School classes typically focus on a topic for several weeks.

Adults interested in Baruch HaShem membership may wish to attend the Membership Class which meets at 9:30 AM.

Classes for Fall 2019 (CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE): August 17-December 14 (no classes October 5 and November 30)

Adult Classes:

New Members ClassChaverah Hall

The New Members Class is open to those interested in becoming a member of our community. It also includes a mandatory “Vision Class” that will be held on Sunday, September 8. If you are interested in becoming a member of Baruch HaShem, please sign up here. Required books for the class are available in the Baruch HaShem Judaica Shop.

—The Life and Teachings of Yeshua—Mem/Nun Rooms

This is a video course taught by Dr. Raymond and Jonathan Gannon.

This course discovers the eternality of Yeshua as manifested throughout the Hebrew Bible and so graphically displayed in the B’rit Chadashah. The King who redeems Israel and the nations while granting eternal life to the faithful among both Jews and Gentiles is studied within the Jewish context of God’s written revelation.

Ministerio Mesiánico: Judaismo-Mesiánico & Yeshua en la Parashatsalón samech

Los participantes podrán describir y aplicar los conceptos judío-mesiánicos que se practican en la sinagoga y como creyente mesiánico. Estos conceptos se complementarán con discusiones de la Parashat Semanal desde una perspectiva judío-mesiánica.


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