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Marty’s Liver Pâté

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Marty’s Liver Pâté

– 1 lb. cooked Turkey or Chicken liver + gizzards

– Add some neck or dark meat to mellow the taste and give it a better consistency.

– 3 hard boiled eggs

– ½ to 1 cup raw almonds…roughly ground in processor

– Add Mayo or substitute to desired consistency

– Add spices: basil, fresh garlic, pepper, seasoned salt, nutmeg, cardamom, tarragon (and sometimes parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme!).

– All of this is mixed and blended together in a food processor. Try not to make the almonds into meal because they give chunkiness to the pâté.


When it tastes right and it is put into a serving dish then sprinkle some paprika on top for color. Place in refrigerator and serve cold.

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