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February 17, 2012 Response from UMJC and MJAA

Update February 17, 2012

The UMJC and MJAA, joined by IMJA and IAMCS, have issued another statement on a public matter that concerns us as a community, the “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference scheduled for next month in Bethlehem. This is promoted as a conference on peace and reconciliation, but—as the title suggests—it portrays Israel as the big obstacle. You can read our statement at:

The Union of Messianic Congregations responded to the recent events of disrespect for the Sefer Torah ritual and misrepresentation of Messianic Judaism in Atlanta, Georgia.

The UMJC and MJAA Joint Response

Statement from Messianic Daily News article:

‎”First of all, this man, Ralph Messer, is no Messianic Jew, and no rabbi. No Messianic Jewish organization endorses or accepts this man. Second, he isn’t even a Jew. He was raised as a Catholic and a former altar boy. He is part of a group called “Ephraimites,” made up of non-Jews who take on a Jewish affectation, and claim to be the Lost Tribes of Israel, and also claim to be Messianic, but have no heart or interest in genuine Jewish concerns. They are the Dungeons and Dragons of the religious world. They create a character, and assume it, in a fantasy Jewish existence. While its offensive to us in that they are engaged in the ultimate identity theft, on another level, what they are doing is as repulsive to us who are really Jewish, as a minstrel show would be offensive to African-Americans. Messianic Jews have it hard enough being who we are. We don’t need it made worse by people who are not us, masquerading as us, doing things we consider unholy, sinful and blasphemous!”

– Rabbi Michael Schiffman

Article at

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