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Pesach 5781/2021

Hold steady – these words we say to ourselves, our family and our friends during these unprecedented times. Could it be that the same sentiment was spoken in hushed tones as the Angel of Death swept across Egypt while the Jews gathered in their homes for the first Pesach?

As we hold steady and wait for our Messiah’s return, we too will be gathering to celebrate Pesach. As a community, we will be celebrating Pesach on the first or second night with a Seder in our homes. On the second night of Pesach, March 28 at 6:00pm, Dr. Daniel Valle will be sharing his family’s Seder with us via Zoom. If you are new to Pesach we will be answering your questions in the chat section during the Online Seder. 

You will need to register for this event. Then, you will receive a confirmation email with the Seder zoom link and be given access to the Messianic Jewish Passover Haggadah: Celebrating Our Redemption! which we will be following. Spanish translation and a Spanish Haggadah will be available.


If you desire to lead your own Seder we have some resources to help you in preparing a Seder in your home.

Want to have food delivered for your Seder? Creative Cuisine’s Passover Dinner Meal includes ceremonial food and seder meals for minimum orders of 4 people. Deadline to order is 5:00pm Thursday, March 25.

Rabbi Shawn has created a new Seder Training Video. It will provide all the information needed to host a successful Seder.

If you need help with the Hebrew pronunciation we have audio files that follow the Messianic Jewish Passover Haggadah: Celebrating Our Redemption! by Elliot Klayman, J.D. and Dr. Michael Schiffman: BHS Home Seder Tutorial Audio Files

We also have a list of everything you will need to prepare the table: Seder Table Checklist. We also have a few videos that may help you:

                Pesach Prep: And now a word from our Rabbi…

                Pesach Prep: Working with what you have

                Pesach Prep: A little at a time

Some recipes for your Seder plate and meal are located here: Pesach Recipes For help preparing your Seder plate please watch these videos:

                Pesach Prep: Grocery shopping survival

                Pesach Prep: Be creative

Do you need help understanding Chametz? We explain it for you here: Chametz

If you have children (or enjoy humorous visuals) and want to make the Seder more engaging here are links to videos to play during your Seder:

Four Sons Video


Ten Plagues


Marror – Bitter Herbs – with blessing then eat

And some just for fun:

Finally, here are some activity pages to print for your children:

Activities Placemat

Coloring Page

Crossing the Sea Coloring Page

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