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Shabbat Services 10:40am

6304 Belt Line Rd, Dallas TX 75254

Yeshiva: Messiah in the Book of Esther

Location: Chaverah Hall

Date: 03-04-2020


Taught by Rabbi Dr. Vladimir Pikman

What can we learn about Yeshua and our life with Him from the Book of Esther? Does the Purim story have a prophetic meaning? What is the prophetic significance of Purim? We will discuss these and other related questions.

The yeshiva will take place Wednesday, March 4, 7:00-8:30pm in Chaverah Hall. Check-in and Coffee Shop open at 6:00pm. The yeshiva will be live-streamed here for those who are unable to physically attend.

Deadline to register was February 26.

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