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Unstuck: a youth + young adult event

Location: Upstairs Assembly

Date: 06-15-2019


All youth and young adults are invited to join us on Shabbat, June 15th at 7:00pm for Unstuck with Rabbi Aybars Ackun.

Often in life we feel trapped, alone, and “stuck” in a situation, a pattern or a season in life. Rabbi Aybars and his wife Kelly will be sharing their hearts with us and discussing how we can become “Unstuck” and fully walk out God’s purpose in our life.

Rabbi Aybars came to know Yeshua in a Messianic synagogue in 1997 after being raised in a Muslim home. Before moving to Seattle in 2012, he served for many years as a volunteer leader of Beth Zion in Jackson, NJ. Aybars is the world’s first non-Jewish Turkish Rabbi. This reflects the heart of God to bring all people back to Himself, as well as one of our core values that everyone belongs in the family of God. Aybars and his wife, Kelly, live in Seattle and have six children.

The event will take place in the Youth Room; snacks will be provided. Please register for this event below. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and someone will get back with you soon! 

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