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Netzor Pre-Military Program


Date: 03-23-2019


This Purim, we, as a congregation, have chosen to bless the Netzor program through a special financial offering. Netzor is a pre-military preparation program for Messianic high school graduates which prepares them for their military service in the IDF. Netzor prepares them to face the moral dilemmas which will occur during their service, such as: purity of heart, being a light and testimony to those you are serving with and under, and maintaining your identity as a Messianic soldier.

The program typically hosts 60-70 teenagers who have just graduated from high school and who are about to begin their military service in Israel.

  • It is a 10-day intensive program
  • The program brings in soldiers on active duty to share what it is like to be a believer in the military
  • Bible Study times with a strong emphasis on God’s instructions concerning lifestyle
  • A 4-hour session to discuss ethical dilemmas and values
  • Challenge to make commitments on honesty, purity, relationships with others, respect, family relationships, growing spiritually and continued relationship with their congregation
  • At graduation, an invitation is extended to the parents and also the elders, leaders and youth leaders of their congregations

This offering will be taken until March 23, 2019. You may give online or at the tzedakah boxes. Either way, please designate your offering as “Netzor” in the memo section. Please help us bless these young men and women who are fighting for Israel.

Mark your BHS offering envelope or online donation with “NETZOR” to support this ministry during our Purim season.

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