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Shavuot Canned Food Drive (April 21-May 19)

Location: Atrium

Date: 05-19-2018


Mollie Glassman
Bat Mitzvah
Community Project – North Texas Food Share

North Texas Hunger Facts

• More than 800,000 people across NTFB’s 13-county service area are food insecure – 1 in 6 people
• There is a strong correlation between hunger and health, with one in three client households affected by diabetes – and 60 percent with unpaid medical bills
• 80 percent of clients choose to purchase inexpensive and often unhealthy foods in order to have something to eat.
• 2/3 households that the North Texas Food Bank serves reports having to choose between food and paying medical care
• One in every four kids in North Texas is food insecure – almost 300,000 children
• Food insecure children are sick more often and are more likely to suffer developmental delays.
• 95 percent of households served by NTFB have an annual household income of $30,000 or less
• In North Texas, 1 in 6 food-insecure households is home to a veteran

Proverbs 14:21 says:
“Blessed is he who is generous to the poor.”

Food Drive Partnering with Jewish Family Services

  • Food collection on 4 Shabbats 4/28 – 5/19 in BHS Atrium

  • During Shavuot, I (Mollie Glassman) will represent BHS to deliver the food donation to Jewish Family Services.

Suggested Food items to donate:
– *Any canned food, like canned vegetables, fruit or tuna
– Cereal
– Spaghetti Sauce
– Mac and Cheese
– Dried Pasta and Rice
– Peanut Butter

*Please make sure your food items do not contain treif, such as pork / lard (be aware that bean products commonly contain this) or shellfish.

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