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Who Was Isaiah’s Messiah?

Do you know what the Jewish prophet Isaiah said about the Messiah over 2,700 years ago?

Who is the Tzemach?

Join us in search of Isaiah’s Messiah!

Rabbi Marty Waldman is exploring the writings of one of Israel’s greatest prophets as part of a nine-week series focused on uncovering Isaiah’s Messiah.

Join us for this study series in person or online via our Shabbat morning services at 10:40am.

Catch up on previous installments in the series in our Service Archives, and follow along using Rabbi Marty’s notes:

  1. Isaiah’s Messiah 1 – Tzemach-The Branch

  2. Isaiah’s Messiah 2 – A Sign, A Son, A Sovereign

  3. Isaiah’s Messiah 3 – Yishai’s Shoot

  4. Isaiah’s Messiah 4 – The Zion Stone

  5. Isaiah’s Messiah 5 – Here Is Your G-D

  6. Isaiah’s Messiah 6 – I Am the First and the Last

  7. Isaiah’s Messiah 7 – Who Has Believed Our Report

  8. Isaiah’s Messiah 8 – Yeshua Is Isaiah’s Messiah!

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